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How to open your rental business?

A business related to the rental of all kinds of goods will be very popular both in a fairly small town and in a large metropolis.
We select the right room

First you need to find a room where the rental center will be located. The place should be selected so that it would be possible to arrange a small warehouse. It will also need a hall for receiving visitors. The location of the rental center will fully depend on financial capabilities. Better of course, if it is located in a place where many people go.

Choose product type

After selecting a suitable room, you should determine the goods that will be given for rental. Currently in good demand are:

Means of transport;
Garden tools;
Various household appliances;
Sports equipment;
Clothing for all kinds of holidays.
It is possible to concentrate on only one product, while fully satisfying customers from the target audience. For example, when renting bicycles, you can offer their various models, all kinds of accessories for them, or recommend the services of an instructor.

In the future, you need to purchase all the goods for rental. It is best to buy goods that were already in use, but are now in excellent condition. Such things can be easily found in newspapers with ads or on popular sites on the Internet where free ads are published.

It is necessary to select goods with a basic characteristic so that they are quite simple to use. For example, if it is a washing machine, it is better that it does not have many functions and is without a touch screen. Similar things can break quickly, and indeed, it will be difficult for some people to sort them out.

Next, you need to choose the right prices. Here you need to rely on other similar rental centers. You will need to well calculate all the costs and lay in the cost of those costs that may arise from damage to the goods.

You need to draw up a good documentation base, it will allow the company to work normally. The first thing you need is a rental agreement. It must take into account all the conditions of rental, return and possible damage. Secondly, you need to make special forms where the reception and delivery of the goods will be celebrated, as well as its technical condition.

You should not give too many categories of things for hire, as it will be difficult to maintain a good assortment in each individual group.

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