How to open a freight business
Today the freight business is considered the most dynamically developing. Services for the movement of goods will be in demand at any time of the year. How to start a…

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How to open a freight business

Today the freight business is considered the most dynamically developing. Services for the movement of goods will be in demand at any time of the year. How to start a freight business?
Market analysis

It is necessary to focus on a detailed analysis of this market segment. The local press and the Internet will help here. First of all, we find out the following information:

which companies will compete, will it be small or large companies;
what machines are used to provide their services;
who is a regular customer;
what is the cost of services, the availability of discounts and discount programs.
Such an analysis will make it possible to find out what niche you can occupy in the market, the specialization of cargo transportation: will it be intercity transportation or only within the city, and, possibly, a combination of two options.

Business Registration
If you plan to open a small company, you can register an IP. Here, the package of documents is minimal, and the procedure is simple.

For larger enterprises, it is necessary to open an LLC. This will allow working with individuals and legal entities, the latter are particularly interested in working with a legal entity, which will allow returning VAT.
Car park

To start, you can rent a car or purchase a couple of cars. When the company is on its feet, it is worth buying several imported cars with different volumes.

It is also advisable to conclude an agreement with a particular gas station, which will allow you to purchase fuel at a lower price. So you can save on fuel and lubricants.

Organizational matters

The location of your office does not really matter. The main role is given to the telephone, preferably multi-channel. The company’s dispatcher should always be in touch so as not to miss a single call.

Do not forget about advertising. It can be placed on specialized sites and forums, in the media. Be sure to make your site with the placement of information about the company, tariffs and services. Be sure to make an online application with which customers can place orders online.


In many ways, the company’s work will depend on the dispatcher. Hire an efficient, competent and preferably experienced person. An accountant is also needed, because this activity has a number of its own characteristics.

At the start, you can conclude a one-time contract with drivers and movers. At the same time, try to create good conditions for them so that they would like to cooperate with you in the future. When the company will receive a stable income, you can hire a small staff with fixed salaries.

Having opened a cargo transportation business, at first you will work for wear and tear. However, the right approach and organization of work will bring stable income and prosperity.

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